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We are an Online Law Firm, which specializes in Civil, Commercial and Business matters.

Have you signed contracts or made agreements, assuming economic obligations which cause you to raise doubts about your rights? Are you in danger of being seriously injured by not having adequate and timely legal advice and defense?

We provide you with preventive legal advice and defense to protect your private property, property rights, businesses and companies, in order to preserve your economic stability and personal tranquility.

Does your contracting partner refuse to comply with giving you the rights and benefits that correspond to you under your contract? Do not your customers want to pay for the merchandise or services that you have sold them? Has somebody issued you a check without funds? Or somebody do not want to pay you a bill of exchange, a promissory note and other securities?

We provide legal advice and persecutory defense so that they recognize and comply with giving you the rights and benefits that correspond to you according to your contract, so that they pay you the check without funds, bills of exchange, promissory notes and other securities.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur and you don’t know what type of company suits you? Do you not know what are the legal requirements to start your company?

We will constitute the company that best suits you and your partners, taking into account what you wish to do. We will elaborate a solid Statute, with legal tools to prevent any contingency inside your company or with third parties.

Do you have a business or company, which are stuck by legal conflicts and poor earnings ?

We provide legal advice and defense for your contracts, properties, property rights, business, financial activities and property disputes in general, in order to achieve the solution of your judicial, administrative and business problems, ensuring the continuity of your economic and personal growth.

If you are a foreigner and you have legal issues or problems in Peru, we can represent your interests throughout the country. We will inform you, step by step, of all the actions, legal defense and assignments that you entrust to us, with efficacy, efficiency and ethics.

If you are Peruvian, but you live abroad and you have legal issues or problems in Peru, we can also represent your interests throughout the country, according to your needs and priorities. We will also inform you of all the steps, legal defense and orders that we carry out in your name.

Contact Us. In our Online Law Firm you will find the service you require to prevent or solve your legal issues.

Our job is to achieve the purpose you need.

We are here to serve you.

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